Thursday, February 10, 2011

Site Analysis

     So our first interim presentations have come and gone, and our project's inventory and analysis is coming to an end. The long nights and early mornings have subsided for the time being as our professors have given us some freedom this weekend while they prepare WVU's LA accreditation. Looking back at the presentations, its like they say - hindsight is 20/20. Sure, some things worked better than others, but any true artist, designer, or architect knows how important it is to take risks.

With that said, I'll share some of the more successful graphics from our presentation.

Warm summer winds move northward on our site, rising from the Mon River lowpoint, across our site.

Cool winter winds moving eastward across our site

Landmark buildings within the neighborhood, Mario's Fishbowl & some big mansion on the highpoint.

Sun+shade study

view to be maintained #1 + the actual view (below)

 view to be maintained #1

Site-Wide Perspection 

School-Site Perspection

 Preliminary Designs (sorry no table lol!)

Linear Flow Chart for the presentation (graphics were inlayed in bubbles and presentation program zoomed in/out on bubbles. 

Check out the actual presentation here!  Comments, critiques, suggestions, always welcome (thats why I share it....)!!

Also, had a first today. Pocket-blogged from my droid while walking across town! hahaha

Big Thanks to my project partner, Andrew McKee, for all his input and contributions to our project!

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