Friday, October 21, 2011

Water Damage

So after a long break from LA after graduation, I am returning to posting with some of the projects I am currently on for the Mills Group LLC.  My first project is the redesigning of a flooded sports field in Bethel, Vermont. It is a very small town, and apparently my boss is from the area. 

Currently, I have created an autocadd basemap and generated an existing conditions model of the site. TMG will eventually design the new sports structures and layout.

The side parts are flat, cad faces. Whereas, the middle section has 3d terrain I acquired from the google terrain.

Here are the different parts split up so you can see. I was able to trim the google terrain by draping my cad lines over it, then erasing the newly created faces where I didn't need them. Finished it up by coloring everything a nice green.