Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hot off the Podium presses comes some concepts for the proposed additions to the existing Woodburn School. The angle of the roofs is @ 39* for optimal photovaultic exposure. We are thinking about putting thin strips of photovaultic cells across the windows to create a pseudo-stained glass effect, while producing interesting shapes and shadows onto the ground below.... Alot more work to do, but I thought these pics would make for a nice post. Enjoy!

perhaps a design to mimick mountains?

sexy landmark ;)

nobody would ever see this from here, but its a sexy view, eh?

The idea is kind of like, you drive around the corner, and then all of a sudden you see this massive structure that looks almost as if it has sunken into the hillside.

My crappy handwriting + crappy design sketch. quotes by FLW

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