Thursday, February 17, 2011

Modeling 2B BIG idiot here did not save the model after taking those pictures in the last post. So ya, I stayed up till 5 am redoing it, then adding some more stuff. So here another post of what I added. I'm gonna need a real model of the school soon...

unglassed the top parts of the new white addition, added one more in the middle, lowered overall elevation of white section so that the front leftside corner meets the grade. Also added classroom expansion on the roof, featuring a greenroof (thats like a given, anymore).

glassed the middle entryway on the farleft white addition, added the exterior double-doors, added some more glass. spiderweb design for character and its visual landmark (shown below)

hope your screen resolution can see this, but can you make out the spiderweb design? (fishbowl^)


Suns will be up soon, think I may just stay up tonight. sleep schedule has been waaay too out of sync... need something to reset my schedule.

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