Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sense of Place


In keeping with our program, we have developed some sense of place based designs. These designs aim to capture the culture and traditions of the Woodburn Community. This is a brainstorming phase, so all ideas are considered, and the better ones we tried to place onsite.

Beginning with mindmaps, we tried to identify some of the historic aspects of the Woodburn Community that could shape and meaning to our site and design. (its doublesided print is what you see coming thru)

Master #1 -  bring a new road up to parsons along the side of the addition and create a loop for parent drop-off. also add a road through the existing parking lot area for a sheltered bus drop-off.
Master #2 - moved parent drop-off to side of addition, put playground where it was. realigned the bus drop-off for a different flow.

Master #3 - a second itteration of #1, but blocking off Fortney to reduce cut-through traffic and increase safety on the roads immediately surrounding the school. Found that this layout forced the isolation of the k-2 playground to across a street, which is a big nono... Added idea of forsythia tunnels on the hillside for a 'dragon's den.' Also see some form to the community connection park, which would offer basketball, rock climbing, and outdoor bowling (a welsh tradition) nestled nicely in the community.
Master #4 - a combination of the previous plans, this plan features the turnaround of #2, and the circulation of #3. looks like i misplaced the sidewalk on fortney, oops. The overall design is that of agrarian aerial topography. Does it look like a farm? We liked where this plan took us, but we didn't like A) it destroyed 6 houses. B) its still relies heavily on the existing circulation & C) it conforms to the existing site boundaries. D) Its more "Illinois" style farmland, perhaps look at contour farming methods.

support sketches
The mountain form relocated to create terraced gardens
Dragon-slide, inspired from a case-study
Growth as an underlying theme, Woodburn once being a farming community, it relates well to growing children
Facade renovations, simplification of materials, use of WV glass for a brighter, more inviting entrance, kept original arch shape. Panes of glass will probably be much larger than in the rendering, to prevent a church feel.
Community connection park. outdoor bowling, rock climbing, + basketball would be next to this
Main playground, located on existing playground. Again, farming was the theme, so is trying to mimic the aerial feel of farmland. This pic includes basketball, kickball, 4-square, and open spaces.
The bus pick-up/drop-off is inspired by the streetcars that once ran through the neighborhood on Richwood Avenue. It would allow 4 buses to stack at once. Perhaps we should over-design this for more buses....
Parent pick-up/drop-off, also taking the look of the streetcar stations. I want this to be bigger, wider, and allow more cars. We'll see what happens...
Considerations from our advisor: taking a heavier-handed approach to the circulation, resiting the addition, and a new parent drop-off at the historic entrance.