Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Ugh this night has been a pain in the neck. Crashed a model earlier without saving it, probably 1.5 hours of work on it. hate that stuff. After some odd interpretations of the new addition, it was quite necessary to whip up some ideas to review asap because I don't think the vision was getting translated very well early on... Hopefully this will convey more of how it would work, which is still very conceptual at this point. I mean, I don't even know if we will stick with this building or not. Hopefully these pictures will sell it.

Growing up in West Virginia, the ongoing story of our lives has always been coal, and mountaintop removal. This designs aims to mimic a mountaintop in character, by doing the opposite of mountaintop removal with mountaintop addition - paying tribute to the forever lost beauty of WV. The 3 classrooms in the corner are just an example of how we am trying to layout some of the floors... perhaps the summit is a local stone?? 

Classes have passive daylighting, feature living machines (waste filtration) for bathroom facilities & classroom grey-water, as well as act as an ongoing interactive science experiment for children, teaching the values of sustainability and the relationship between man and nature. 

Perspection so you get the feel... don't trust those shadows, its cut open.

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