Monday, January 24, 2011

We All Suck @ Photoshop

     Working today on my layout for my 11x17's for my project, I was brushing up on some photoshop techniques. This guy, Donnie, is the best. Who wants to listen to some boring tutorial video with someone talking all monotone like "today we are going to take the spot healing tool and learn how to apply it to vector masks.." or some other drab line like that? This guy, is hilarious. His videos have a running storyline and his hatred for viewers is absolutely hilarious at times, only to be overshadowed by his hatred for his wife. 
     The wonder of "You Suck at Photoshop," (see funny name already) is that you don't mind watching it. Donnie's photo-edits are relevant to his storyline and his commentary is nothing less than comedic brilliance. The series is in order, but I'm going to skip that order and go with season 1 episode 9, "Curves." Honestly, this video series will show you the 75% of photoshop you had no idea existed.

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